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Phoenix Water/Sewer Module

 Phoenix Water/Sewer System provides the municipal water department or private water company with the following features.

  • Real time management of Water/Sewer Billing
  • Input meter reading manually or import reading from various meter reading devices.
  • Supports various type of service types i.e. meters, flat fees, and fixtures.
  • Supports additional billing charges such new meter, reconnect fees, maintenance etc.
  • Cash receipts function to receive payments on issued bills
  • Abatement function to issue credit on accounts
  • Overpayment function manages overpayments and refunds
  • Demand function will generate Demand Bills on unpaid bills
  • Various Reports such as Turnover Reports ,Usage Reports, Balance Due Reports, Abatement Reports, Demand Reports
  • Interest function calculates interest on water and sewer separately based on parameters.

Phoenix Water/Sewer Brochures and Demo